I enjoy working with many mediums, including pastel, acrylics, watercolor and collage.

I've had a life long love for art and have been creating in some form for most of my life. My college drawing classes were the highlight of my schedule.  But I had to put them aside when I graduated to move on to a "real job" in corporate America. I kept my creative side appeased with paper crafts and mixed media. After attending a weekend art retreat in 2011 I was inspired to buy a sketchbook and some pencils and I haven't looked back.

When I picked up pastels for the first time I was in love. I love the immediacy of pastel. I am inspired by places I’ve been and particularly drawn to rocks and mountains. When I travel I take hundreds of photos to use in the studio and I will often use the same subject over several paintings to explore color by varying the substrate, colors used and underpainting. I am not striving for realism, but to respond to the color that I see in my photo, from my memories of my visit and to the color on the paper as I paint.

Collage allows me to create freely and intuitively, and I weave in pieces from my daily life along with handmade and vintage paper. I am intrigued by texture, line and shape as I put together my collages and my work often represents my point of view as a woman and mother.